Updated: Apr 17, 2020

'Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Inspector Lee Piedor.’

And so, the case was opened. Step aside the ‘pub’ quizzes from week 1 lock down and make space for the Virtual Murder Mystery!

A Bad Vintage was our game of choice, where unfortunately for the guests, their host had been discovered dead in a vat of wine. Set in France, with characters such as Brigitte Bordeaux and Monty Carlo, our crime solving cohort had 18 participants, spread over 11 households, 3 countries and 2 continents!

Red Herring offer a wide selection of Virtual Murder Mystery Games. Designed for 6 to 20 players, they are incredibly easy to use with downloadable resources, including instructions, character booklets, decoration suggestions and invitations. Jo Smedley, Red Herring’s Chief Candlestick Wielder, said “we’re thrilled to have been able to help families and friends separated by this virus to still get together and have fun despite the lock down. It’s lovely to know we’ve brought some joy into a very difficult time.”

Sift through that dressing up box at the back of your cupboard and get ready for some wonderfully overacted performances from your loved ones!

Megan x

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48 hrs before: Select game online, assign characters to all participants & send character profiles

6.00pm: Zoom session starts

6.10pm: Introductions

6.30pm: Round 1

7.00pm: Round 2

7.30pm: Break for dinner

8.30pm: Zoom session restarts

8.35pm: Round 3

9.05pm: Concluding statements

9.20pm: Accusations

9.30pm: The BIG Reveal

10pm: Event close

What we ate?

Something quick and easy is key. Different dinners included chilli con carne, pasta carbonara & leftover

veggie stew.

Though, the winner of best menu had to be a delicious looking ramen with devilled eggs (pictured above). Left us all drooling (and very jealous)!!

What we drank?

As we were on a French vineyard, a fine Bordeaux, of course.



Dress code

Character determined


Kitchen & living room

Top tip

Change your Zoom name to appear as your character name!

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