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During this lockdown, I have realised that structuring days when you have little ones is imperative to a family staying sane!

So, I decided to use this time to encourage my daughter to explore her inner creativity by creating a new Instagram account detailing mini projects you can do each day with your children. Sometimes these activities are a hit with her – and sometimes they are a miss! But either way, contribute valuably towards a child’s development; fine motor and verbal skills being two huge benefactors.

I really don’t have many materials at home, I would say the essentials are washable glue, Crayola Washable Paints, coloured feathers, pom-pom balls and sequins (my daughter is particularly obsessed with these). Other than those items, everything else is found from my recycling box over the course of the week. Hence this activity being inspired from the packaging that my four pears came in!

Don’t want your kid hanging off the rafters full of sugar? Have a go at making these delicious looking ice creams toys.

Most parents hate the mess that arty activities bring so I would suggest keeping the activity focused one a particular area/skill you want your child to master. Limit the resources available to them. This way, not only is the tidy-up restricted but it allows your child to engage in a specific dialogue with you as you make the project together.

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Prep time: 5 minutes to set up everything you need

Activity: 30 minutes

What you need

Cardboard pear packaging (!), scissors, glue, Crayola Washable Paints, paintbrushes, pom-pom balls & sequins.

What we listened to

Radio 4 was on in the background to keep my adult mind ticking over during this little person activity!


Apart from my Roberts Revival iStream Radio, everything was very low-fi. Old school crafting at work!

Dress code

Disposable Wilko painting aprons - but all the Crayola paint is super washable so you don’t need to worry.


In the garden because the weather was beautiful.

Top tip

Let your children dictate what they enjoy doing. If my daughter isn’t interested in the activity I set up, we adapt it to meet her needs. For example, during this activity, she knew that we were making ice-creams and talked lots about her ice-cream whilst decorating it but her creation is more like an ice-cream for a zombie! Don’t fret about something being perfect. Let them get messy and roll along with their style.

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